My favourite info resource is my RSS reader

I recently contributed to the My Favourite Tipples series on Jinfo, listing some of my favourite online information resources. This was much harder than I thought (both limiting it to 4 items and not leaning too heavily on development tools).

But it also made me aware of how much I rely on RSS and other content syndication when writing Newslet for Libraries and for generally keeping on top of different things I'm interested in. RSS is not dead but it's definitely due some TLC (and Google Reader is gone but not forgotten).

Syndication is still a big part of how we navigate the web but the shape of this has changed and will continue to change. Last year, MakeUseOf took a look at the numbers of RSS use but with the growing popularity of Read Later apps, the proliferation of news syndication apps and as Facebook's walled garden continues to close in on us, there's a need for an open standard now more than ever.

Anyway, you can check out the post on the Jinfo Blog.