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Kate (15)

Libraries of Reykjavik

Got a chance to visit some public libraries in Reykjavik when in Iceland last week and it was impressive to see things like Podcast Studios and a Hammock (!) at Reykjavik City Library. We also stumbled across some Pi-Top CEED workstations at Bókasafn Seltjarnarness (which…

On inspiring rather than teaching

I don’t recall ever feeling a sense of excitement over something I was told to do. As a child, cleaning my room never excited me. As an adult, paying bills and taxes never thrills me. But a playground, with its lack of instructions and open…

Shiny and new Feminist Library catalogue

I recently worked with the Feminist Library to upgrade and migrate their Koha-based Library Management System. We made quite a leap from version Koha 3.12 to 17.11 and the new, shiny and responsive (!) catalogue is now available at: I haven't worked with Koha LMS much recently…

Back to blogging

Back to blogging, it's been a while. I've been writing in lots of other places, but now want to get back to keeping notes and sharing ideas here as well. This blog has now moved from Middleman to being Publii-powered. At least for now.